Instant, affordable health benefits.

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StretchDollar is pioneering a way for small businesses to take care of their people—budget-friendly health benefits available in a snap. Really.

It's time benefits were better.

Give employees pre-tax dollars, let them shop for a plan that fits their needs, and do it all on StretchDollar.
Check out these perks.
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Done in 10 minutes.

Set a budget, add team contact info and your business bank account, and you're done!
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More choice for all.

One-size-fits-all health plans are a good fit for no one. Give your team more options and guidance, too.
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Be the boss you want to be.

Help your people save without sacrificing the security of real insurance.
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Pay your people and save.

Use pre-tax dollars and stretch your budget a lot further, by almost 40%!
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“ I just wish there was a way to give my people extra money each month that they could use to pay for their own premiums without a huge chunk of it going to taxes.”
Lisa O’Neill, President of Breakaway PR (Austin, TX), before finding out StretchDollar does exactly that.

Setup that takes minutes, not months.

Enter your employees' info, set a monthly benefits budget and link your bank account.
Give yourself a high five for completing enrollment. Your work is done.
Your team will be invited to access their benefit and shop for a plan. (We'll help them with both.)
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