Health benefits that make sense.

Taking care of your people just got way simpler. (Cheaper, too!)
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Finally, choice for what matters most.

Finding a one-size-fits-all plan is hard if you can even afford it. Give your people more options and get more control of your budget, too.

How do we compare?

StretchDollar stands out as the simplest, most affordable way to offer health benefits while actually being valued as a benefit.


Traditional Small
Group Plan

Give Extra Cash

Control over your budget

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Down to the dollar!
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Prices go up every year
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...but taxes take >40%

Flexible employee participation to qualify

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Any number of employees may enroll
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60% or more must enroll
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Are they even enrolling?


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Employee picks & owns plan
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Same plan for everyone
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Are they even enrolling?

Quick setup

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Under 10 minutes!
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30+ hours every year
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Manual payroll updates

Employees see value

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Employees see your contribution every month
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Premiums are taken out of payroll
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Do they?

2023 Small Business Health Insurance Report

Get a deep dive on what small businesses face when it comes to employee health benefits (it’s not pretty) and the glimmer of hope ahead. (Hint: StretchDollar could be in a cape.)

More SMBs are turning to pre-tax, fixed benefits

The data is clear, more small businesses (especially smaller-sized ones) are turning to ICHRAs.
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64% increase

ICHRA policy numbers saw a 64% increase among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in 2022.
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<20 employees

The under 20 employee segment saw the biggest jump in ICHRA policy adoption in 2022.
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at least 10% cheaper

Across a 20 city-survey, marketplace plans were at least 10% less expensive than comparable small group plans.


How come I've never heard of a pre-tax fix benefit (ICHRA)?

ICHRA is a newish type of health benefit made possible by federal legislation in 2019. Adoption has been slow but that's mostly because the ones who’ve offered ICHRA plans have been focused on customization. StretchDollar offers a unique approach -- simplify everything and make health benefits possible in an instant. Read more here.

How much should I give my employees?

You’re in control, so you can pick your own budget. How much do you want to allocate for your employees each month? Whatever the amount, StretchDollar gives you the advantage of flexibility. You get to call the shots and choose the best budget for your business.

What if an employee needs help finding a plan?

We're here to help! StretchDollar has licensed agents available to chat with your employees to help them connect with the policies best for them. They can book time right inside of our application.