Best Health Insurance in 2024 for San Antonio, Texas

  • Check out health plan recommendations based on your needs
  • Find out the cost of health plans in San Antonio, Texas
  • Discover how San Antonio small business owners are giving tax-free dollars to employees for marketplace health plan premiums. (Hint: It's called ICHRA.)

Note: This guide reflects StretchDollar's perspective. Consult a broker for complex health inquiries.)

How to find affordable health insurance (for you and your small business employees)

The marketplace, also known as a health insurance exchange, allows individuals and families to shop for health insurance. Established by the federal government, it mandates that listed health plans provide comprehensive benefits.

In 2019, the government introduced ICHRA (Individual Health Reimbursement Arrangement), a unique way for small businesses to offer health benefits. Through ICHRA, business owners can give pre-tax money to employees for purchasing their own health plans from the marketplace. More employees than ever before are shopping the marketplace. Let's explore the options.

Best health plans in San Antonio — StretchDollar’s picks

The availability of health insurance is greatly influenced by where you live. Fortunately for residents of San Antonio, Texas, there's plenty of options to select from! We've curated a list of our top choices, emphasizing affordability and comprehensive network coverage.

Best if you like telemedicine + $0 deductibles

Oscar’s Bronze Elite + PCP Saver Plu

Best plan for the young and healthy.

UnitedHealthcare - UHC Bronze Copay Focus

Best general all-around option for the price and network.

MyBlue Health Gold 808

Lowest-cost plans (worth the money) in San Antonio

For those mindful of budget, explore some of these affordable health insurance plans available in San Antonio, Texas.

Plan Name
Monthly Premium*
UHC Bronze Copay Focus
MyBlue Health Gold 403
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
MyBlue Health Gold 808
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

*Based on 30-year-old male

Best mental health coverage in San Antonio

Mental health coverage differs from one health plan to another. If getting this kind of support matters to you, it's worth taking a closer look at these plans.

Plan Name
Monthly Premium*
Gold 3
$15 copay
Aetna CVSHealth
MyBlue Health Gold 808
$30 copay
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
MyBlue Health Gold 806
$50 copay
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Note: If you have a particular therapist you love (and we hope you do), we recommend double checking with them that they accept these plans before purchasing one.

Carriers in San Antonio that take credit cards

If you're looking to rack up those credit card reward points by paying for health insurance premiums, you're in luck. Check out these health insurance carriers in San Antonio, Texas, where you can pay with a credit card:

  • Aetna CVS Health
  • Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
  • Molina Marketplace
  • UnitedHealthcare

Favorite perks — StretchDollar’s picks

Some health plans throw in some cool extras along with the usual coverage. Here are a few that stand out.


An app you’ll actually use with integrated telemedicine

BlueCross Blue Shield of Texa

Super low cost fitness access

Insurance carriers in San Antonio, Texas

Shopping on the marketplace offers you the advantage of choice. The marketplace in San Antonio has 100+ plans from eight different health insurance carriers.

  • Aetna CVSHealth
  • Ambetter from Superior Health Plan
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
  • Imperial Insurance Companies, Inc.
  • Molina Marketplace
  • Oscar
  • UnitedHealthcare

Understanding health insurance

Health insurance has a lot of terms and jargon that are important to know. Here’s some of the main ones you’ll come across. You can find more here.

Out-of-pocket max

When to get help finding a health plan

Seeing out-of-network doctors or taking medicines that aren’t covered by your health plan can become quite costly. If you have complicated health needs or take specialty medicines, you should consult a broker to make sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered.

Why more small businesses are choosing ICHRAs

Health insurance is complicated and costly, especially for small businesses. High participation rates and contribution requirements make it out of reach for many. Not to mention, traditional group health insurance plans often require 60+ hours of administrative work. That’s where ICHRA comes in. Small business owners finally can control their benefits budget and setup takes just ten minutes. Learn more.

StretchDollar’s guide to the best small business health insurance in Texas. Learn more about employee health coverage options for SMBs and startups with this guide.

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