How StretchDollar works

What if your health benefits were easy? You’re 10 minutes away from finding out.
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Let’s keep it simple.

Give your team tax-free dollars they can use to pay for the premiums on health insurance plans they pick and own. StretchDollar will hold their hand every step of the way.

How does it work for me?

Sign up & set a budget
We provide local data to ensure that your people are going to be well taken care of.
Invite your people
The next step is easy! Just enter your team on our platform.
Kick up your feet
The benefit dollars are moved directly from your bank account to theirs each month.

How does it work for my employees?

They enroll or waive
Everyone’s situation is unique. Some may benefit from premium tax credits. We’ll guide them to what makes sense for them.
They pick plans with help
Our health insurance experts can sit with your team to guide them to a health plan that fits like a glove.
They kick their feet up, too
We’ll verify coverage and then send the benefit dollars to their bank account monthly and hassle-free.

We’re here every step of the way.

Employee kick-off calls
One-on-one sit downs with employees
24/7 platform access
$0 cancellation fee

How’s this different from giving a raise?

The reality is a huge chunk of that money goes right to Uncle Sam. Money goes much further with StretchDollar.

What will this cost me?

You only pay what you want to give to employees. There are no extra fees.

We've got answers!

Will you walk through this with my team?

Absolutely. We encourage every company to schedule a kick-off call where we will guide your employees through the process.

Can I start at any time?
What health plans will my employees be able to choose from?
How does StretchDollar make money?

On top of many other things, we’re also a health insurance brokerage. When our brokers match your people with policies, we receive a commission from the health insurance carriers. This doesn’t change the price — it’s illegal to charge any differently if a broker is attached to a policy — so there’s no price impact to you or your employees.