January 2, 2024

Meet Dolly the Wiener Dog, StretchDollar's beloved mascot!

Dolly is poised to capture hearts with her adorable and stretchy charm.
Ellen Decareau
Illustration of Dolly, StretchDollar's wiener dog mascot facing forward and smiling

Key takeaways

Way back in early 2023 (ha!) co-founders Marshall Darr and Kaiza Molina dreamed about a way to make it easier for small businesses to support their employees.  The challenge was clear — offering health benefits is costly and complicated. What if they built something that made it reasonable and simple. Their breakthrough came when they discovered a 2019 IRS rule that allowed small businesses to provide pre-tax funds directly to their employees for purchasing and owning their health plans. And thus, the idea for StretchDollar was born.

At its most basic - StretchDollar is a way to help small business owners make their money (and time go further) while also taking care of their people. We even wrote a jingle about it.

Marshall and Kaiza wanted to create something totally new and refreshing in the health benefits space — a brand that's approachable, personable, and informative (and not stuffy and buttoned up like all the other companies in the health insurance space.) And what better way to achieve fun than by adding a lovable, stretchy mascot.

Introducing Dolly, the StretchDollar Wiener Dog! With her long and flexible body, Dolly can stretch and reach places like no other. She's a playful and loyal companion who's always ready to lend a paw, bringing joy and fun to every interaction. (Try not to smile when you see her!)

Not just any mascot

As we introduce our mascot in 2023, you could say we're fashionably late to the mascot game. But hey, cut us some slack. It’s not like we’re selling car insurance! (Few mascots can quite compare to Geico’s Gecko and “Flo” from Progressive.)

Fortunately, in the health benefits space…we’ve got a very low bar and lots of runway.

Though perhaps not as widely recognized at this moment, Dolly is poised to capture hearts with her adorable and stretchy charm. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey with our new found mascot, ready to bring joy and diggity dog puns to our customers and fans alike.

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